Saturday, October 29, 2016

Internship Week 10

"Mrs. Mangold, this is for you!" he said, as he looked up at me with his sweet face.
One of my students gave me this adorable little pumpkin this week....It warms my heart when parents and students are thoughtful when it comes to me. Sometimes, there is a misconception that interns aren't really teachers during their internship. ((What??)) Boy, is that a big misconception! I come home exhausted all the time! My mind is constantly reflecting- not because of the teacher thing, that's just a "me" thing. I reflect. all. the. time. I actually have a picture in my head of what's going on in my head...I picture wheels constantly turning as I reflect. Sometimes, my mental word bank will jam my wheel and out comes "What you need to know, because I want you to know, this is something you should know...because...because you need to know this..." LOL I can get tongue tied. The worst time for this to happen, is when I'm trying to redirect and put on my teacher face look. I try. I try so hard to look "teacher faced" when I mean business, and say things with an authoritative voice. I'll continue to practice this...(haha)

This week, I taught ELA, science, and guided reading. This included word work, interactive writing, writer's workshop, and I took on an extra guided reading group (making 2 to rotate during center time). I'm still working on my guided reading speed- it is so hard to get everything done in 20 minutes! There's a lot of redirection and thought processing on my part, but I did talk with my CT and figure out some things, so I think I'll stay on track next week. During my practicums in first grade, I didn't observe or teach word work, or interactive writing. I can honestly say, I am loving the experience of both! There is a lot of value in word work and it makes me so proud when I can see students improve throughout the week as they practice writing those new word families during their center time. I also like interactive writing. Science and social studies is integrated: I teach on a topic and students will use what they've learned when they write during writer's workshop, and during afternoon centers. This week, I taught students about owls Monday through Thursday. I began bats on Friday, and that will carry over into next week. Did you know owls can swallow their prey whole, and then later cough up a ball of fur and bones known as an "owl pellet"? Also, did you know that bats are the only flying mammal in existence? And they can range in size to be as tiny as a bumblebee or as large as a dining room table (wingspan)! Whoa!

For interactive writing, students practice on their individual white boards, words that they know and they also help me write facts on sentence strips or speech bubbles. This is so fun! I'm working out kinks with's just something that requires some practice on my part. I'm loving how our interactive bulletin board is turning out though! It's super cute! I'll post a picture next week, once we complete our unit on bats.

Speaking week! Is it that time already? The time that all interns either look forward to or have chewed their nails to the knuckle about: ALL DAYS! Beginning Monday, 10/31, the twenty-one first graders will be all mine for three weeks! I cannot believe I am already at this point. I struggled in weeks past, to wrap my head around the lesson plans I needed to pump out and turn in. This week, oddly enough, I was able to get my lesson plans completed sooner and I don't really have any anxiety about Monday. This weekend has been much lighter, although I do have a lot of art prep to do before Monday! We are having a fall celebration, and I sent notes home to parents this week, for them to help send in items ('cause this student teacher is broke!). We're going to make snack items that go along with our owls/bats theme. Exciting! Well, my eyes are getting heavy, so I am going to turn in for the night!

Blessings and joyful vibes!