Friday, August 26, 2016

Internship Week 1

And internship begins! This week was very informative. 
My clinical teacher and I attended staff meetings, and we worked on preparing the classroom for open house. The bulletin board outside our classroom, is cowboy/girl themed. My CT has been teaching for 27 years, so she has collected things over the years and already had most of the board completed. I did not take a picture of the bulletin board, but I did take a picture of the goody bags that I created to hand out to students. My CT doesn't usually give out anything personalized, so I'm glad she was thrilled with what I created! Each student had a bag of popcorn (with a matching theme topper with our names on the back), and a bottle of water. They also received a folder with forms and information about the school year.

Open house was a success and I enjoyed meeting the majority of our students! I did obtain permission to leave towards the end of it, so I could meet my children's 5th and 3rd grade teachers. I know once I get my own classroom, it will not be possible to always participate in events such as this; therefore, I am grateful I was  allowed to do so. I'll do a separate post about my feelings on my internship part 2!