Monday, September 26, 2016

My edTPA is DONE! Whoo Hoot!

I think I hear a choir singing?! I am so excited! I submitted my edTPA portfolio tonight!
Before that happened, this did >>>>>
The edTPA wore me out! I have to give a shout out, to my ECU instructors and COE supports. They were AMAZING! They were on watch of their email, for questions, including last minute ones from frazzled students. I did the best I could, but I always feel like this:
Procrastination is never fun and while there was NO WAY to truly procrastinate with the edTPA, due to the submission deadline, I know there were days I could have put in more time than I did. But, hey...I am done, and I am happy with what I submitted.

Love the
raccoon meme! I wore my edTPA handbook out! Flipping from page to page and reading, rereading what I have to do, etc...I have to admit, although I had a lot of anxiety about the edTPA, it feels AMAZING to be finished with it! I told myself: "I accept what I have done as my best, and dear God please help me pass!" And after that, I chose to let it go and not worry (or minimally worry), until my grade is posted (on 10/20/16). Of course, there was some amount of me questioning of my ability, because the project is weighted so heavily. Just to put this out there...I'm actually glad that I am wired to question myself. I never want to be oblivious to my weaknesses or think I am mindfully set for the rest of my life. Every experience, upon genuine reflection, can make me a better person. I'm not talking incessant questioning, that null and voids any confidence in my ability...just simple reflection and desire to grow. No worries. Everything is gonna be alright! :)