Saturday, October 1, 2016

Internship Week 6

This internship, definitely keeps me on my toes! I humbly say that. I have tried to not have expectations, at least for those factors outside of my control, because life isn't mapped out like we would always prefer. 
My CT was out sick Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. She came ½ days both mornings on Thursday and Friday. I was not at the point in my internship, that I could sub for her. Thus, we had five subs this week; one was the teacher assistant we have in the afternoon, and the rest were outside substitutes. Much of the behavior management and explaining routines fell on me, due to sub plans being prepared last minute by my CT (she typically is not out) and the plans were not super detailed. They really didn't need to be, since I was there and could help out. I completely understood and did not have a problem stepping up. However, having a different sub each day led to certain students who already have behavioral struggles, attempt to see what they could get away with. By Friday, I had to reorder some of the seating arrangements because two students in particular fed off of each other’s actions. The new placement proved successful because they were unable to directly see each other’s faces. I did keep in contact with my CT to an extent, but I mostly wanted to let her rest. From what I gathered, she didn't miss school often.

Overall, the week was a good test run for me to see how it will be during “all days." Even though I didn’t teach all day, I did help manage behaviors. I think their struggles were magnified a little, with all the different substitutes. I'm sure they may have been a full moon, as well? ;) On the teaching side of things, we are about to begin guided reading and I am excited to get started with my small group!